Abstract Wall Art from Vancouver Island
"Art for Everyone"


I have been a carver and artist for more than 40 years and now do my abstract wall art as a hobby that I love.  I work from my home, shipping to almost anywhere in the world............:)

My career here in Victoria was mostly in Bastion Square and the downtown area of Victoria, and I have carvings and paintings all over the world, thanks to my city being on Vancouver Island and being a tourists' paradise.

I do hope you enjoy my website AbstractsByJoey.com and will watch for more postings as my collection grows.

Kind regards and have a wonderful day!

Abstract Wall Art Vancouver Island. Thank you for visiting.

If you wish to purchase please email cbss@shaw.ca and/or phone 250-388-9932 and I will get back to you.   

"Your paintings put a smile on my face! ". (Thank you Michelle from Brentwood Bay, B.C. for your kind remarks,)



  • Colwood, British Columbia, Canada